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Sun Prairie Cemetery  Sun Prairie  Located at the corner of Park Street and County Hwy. N, this cemetery was started in July of 1850 when the first meeting of the Sun Prairie Cemetery Association was held. The first secretary for the Association was Col. William Angell who served in that position for 55 years. The first burial lots were sold for $2.50, which some people paid for in installments, and the first burial was in 1851. 
Baker Cemetery  Bristol  Located on south side of County Hwy. V between East Bristol and North Bristol approximately a quarter mile east of North Bristol. A small cemetery with only twenty-six burials, eleven of them with the Baker surname. The earliest death by the Museum’s records was Roana Baker, which was Ephraim Baker’s first wife who died February 2, 1832 in Hawley, Mass. Ephraim Baker, who was born in Franklin Co., Mass., came to Wisconsin in 1844. He was a land speculator in the Town of Bristol purchasing 1,280 acres from the U.S. government including 160 acres in Section 9 where the cemetery is and operated the fist store in the Town of Bristol. Washburn Baker, a son of Ephraim, served in the 7th Infantry, Company B during the Civil War and is buried in Baker Cemetery. Ephraim was a member of the M.E. Church, which had a church and cemetery only a few miles away, but that cemetery was not started until 1865. 
Bristol Lutheran Cemetery  Bristol  Located at 6835 County Hwy N just south of Happy Valley Road and adjacent to the Bristol Lutheran Church. About two miles north of the City of Sun Prairie and State Hwy 151. Church was purchased from Methodists in 1907 for $1200 and in 1912 additional land was purchased for cemetery use. Church was originally named First Lutheran Church of Bristol and name changed to Bristol Lutheran Church in 1949. 
Bristol Methodist Cemetery  Bristol  Located on east side of County Hwy N about two miles north of City of Sun Prairie. It was started in March of 1865 by the West Bristol Cemetery Association, whose first president was David Wilder -- the man responsible for the naming of Bristol Township, and was used by the Bristol Methodist Church, which was built about 1866. In 1907 the church was sold and became Bristol Lutheran Church. Since 1950, the Town of Bristol maintains this cemetery. Some references call this cemetery English Methodist Cemetery. A land abstract indicates that another cemetery was located in Section 20, just up the road from this cemetery. The cemetery in Section 20 was abandoned very early and one of the burials was reburied in Bristol Methodist Cemetery. 
Burke Lutheran Cemetery  Burke  Located adjacent to Burke Lutheran Church at 5720 Portage Road about a quarter mile south of Hoepker Road. The church was first started in 1851 but the first building dates to 1871 on land bought in 1869. Records show that in 1902 “Price of grave lot was $1.25 to members who could afford to pay and no one was denied a Christian burying place if one could not afford to pay the price of the plot.” 
Burke Station  Burke  Located at 3499 Burke Road southwest of City of Sun Prairie. Burial plots were on back part of land that also held a school building near the road 
Cottage Grove Cemetery  Cottage Grove  Located on south side of County Hwy BB [Cottage Grove Rd.] in the village of Cottage Grove. This cemetery was established in 1849. 
Deansville Cemetery  Medina  Located at intersection of State Hwy. 19 and County Hwy TT. On September 30, 1862 a deed was filed in Dane County Court by the Sun Prairie and Medina Cemetery Association for this land. It was not until 1926 that the Deansville Cemetery Association was started. On a 1863 plat map, the land where the cemetery is located is owned by H. S. Clark who also owned 80 acres across the highway. 
German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery  Windsor  Located at the corner of County Hwy V and Meixner Road about three miles west of North Bristol. Also called North Windsor Cemetery and is about a half mile north of North Windsor United Methodist Church. In an 1890 plat book for Dane County, the land surrounding the cemetery was owned by J.W. Meixner. The German Methodist Church of Sun Prairie started in the mid 1870s and was merged with the Sun Prairie English Methodists in the mid 1930s because of their small membership. The Sun Prairie German Methodist church also had points at North Windsor and Marshall. This cemetery may have started as a township cemetery since it is on an 1873 plat map which is the period the German Methodist church was founded. 
Medina Cemetery  Medina  Located east of Village of Marshall at intersection of State Hwy 19 and Box Elder Road. In June of 1837, Andrew and Zenas Bird were in a party of 45 men that were traveling from Milwaukee to Madison to build the new territorial capitol building for the new Wisconsin Territory. For more than a decade, the present day village was called Bird’s Ruins and later named Hanchetville after Asahel Hanchett who attracted several businesses to the village. For a short time the village was called Howard City and then renamed Marshall after a land developer, Samuel Marshall. 

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